Suppressing Natural Urges

Suppressing Natural Urges, the Thirteen of them, if suppressed, lead to various Ailments in the body. The respective Ailments/Symptoms and the Cures are:

  1. Urination:

Ailments/Symptoms:   Pain in urinary bladder/passage (+ acute pain all over the body), dysuria (painful urination), headache, bending, stiffness in groins …

Deranges Vata & Kapha.

Cures:   Massage, Fomentation, Dropping of Ghee, Enema (Unctuous, Non-Unctuous & Urethral). Drinking of Ghee before meals, and Maximum Dose of Ghee after full Digestion of Lunch & Dinner.

  1. Flatulation:

Ailments/Symptoms:   Abdominal Tumours; Exhaustion; Obstruction in Elimination of Flatulation, Urine, Faeces; Loss of Vision; Loss of Digestive Fire; Diseases of the Heart.

Deranges Vata.

Cures:   Oil Massage, Tub Bath, Enema. 

  1. Defecation:

Ailments/Symptoms:   Colic Pain, Headache, Cramps in Calf Muscles, Flatulence, Running Nose, Headache.

Deranges Vata.

Cures:   Massage; Fomentation; Tub-Bath; Suppositories; Food & Drinks having Carminative Action.

  1. Semen:

During or After Intercourse, in excites state, results in Vitiation of Doshas, if withheld.

Ailments/Symptoms:   Pain in Penis and Scrotum, Body-Ache, Pain in Cardiac Region, Obstruction in Urine. Hernia, Urinary Stones, Impotency.

Deranges Vata.

Cures:   Oil Massage, Tub-Bath, Wines, Chicken, Rice, Milk (and/or Milk Products), Non-Unctuous Enema, Beer, Sexual Intercourse.

  1. Vomiting:

Ailments/Symptoms:   Itching, Urticarial Rashes, Anorexia, Blackish Spots on Face, Swelling, Anaemia, Fever, Skin Diseases (Incl. Leprosy), Nausea and Erysipelas, Herpes (Visarpa).

Deranges Kapha.

Cures:   Induction of Vomiting after Feeding, Smoking, Fasting (or Light Diet), Bloodletting, Rough Diet, Physical Exercises and Purgation. Process to Induce Vomiting: Mouth Gargles, Inhalations, Fasting, Eating Dry Foods and then Inducing Vomiting.

Oil Mixed with Alkalis and Salts is ideal for Oil Massage and Bath.

  1. Sneezing:

Ailments/Symptoms:   Stiffness of back neck, headache, facial paralysis, migraine, weakness of sense organs.

Deranges Vata & Kapha.

Cures:   Massage in head-neck region, Fomentation, Smoking, Nasal Drops, V- Pacifying Diet, and Post-Meal Intake of Ghee. Induce Sneezing by Inhalations, Sun Gazing etc.

  1. Eructation (Belching, Burps):

Ailments/Symptoms:   Hiccup, Dyspnoea, Anorexia, Tremors, Obstruction in Cardiac Region & Chest, Loss of Taste.

Deranges Vata.

Cures:   V-Pacifying measures, Enema.

  1. Yawning:

Ailments/Symptoms:   Bending, Convulsion, Contraction, Numbness, Tremors, Shaking of The Body.

Deranges Vata & Kapha.

Cures:   V-Pacifying measures, Enema.

  1. Hunger:

Ailments/Symptoms:   Emaciation, Weakness, Disorder of Complexion, Body-Ache, Anorexia, Giddiness, Loss of Taste/Appetite.

Deranges Pitta.

Cures:   Especially true for people suffering from Acidity. Also, while keeping Fast, one must have water at regular intervals, as till the time we are alive, there is continuous formation of HCl in the body.

Preferable Diet is Fatty, Warm and Light articles (Easy to Digest).

  1. Thirst:

Ailments/Symptoms:   Dryness of Throat and Mouth, Deafness, Fatigue, Depression, Cardiac Pain.

Deranges Vata & Kapha.

Cures:   Just in case, you do land up in such a situation, Sheetali Pranayama will help! Solution is all kind of Cold Measures, Cold Foods/Drinks, Bath, Drugs of Cold Potency.

  1. Tears:

Ailments/Symptoms:   Running Nose, Coryza (Irritation / Inflammation of Mucous Membrane inside the Nose), Eye Diseases, Heart Diseases, Anorexia, Giddiness, Stiffness in the Neck, Abdominal Tumours.

My view, is that this would Derange Vata, Pitta & Kapha, all of them.

Cures:   Detox Measures.

  1. Cough:

Ailments/Symptoms:   Increases Cough, Difficulty in Breathing, Loss of Taste, Emaciation and Hiccup.

Deranges Vata & Kapha, and to an extent, Pitta also. 

Cures:   Tridosh Nashak Herbs, Drink only warm/hot water.

  1. Sleep:

Ailments/Symptoms:   Yawning, Body-Ache, Drowsiness, Head Disorders, Heaviness in Eyes, Complete Body Pain.

Deranges Prana Vayu.

Cures:   Good Sleep, Mild Abhyanga (Body Massage).

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