The ‘Adana-Increasing Northern Declination’ Period

During The ‘Adana-Increasing Northern Declination’ Period (उत्तरायण सूर्य), The Sun is in its Northern Declination, and the temperatures in the Northern hemisphere keeps increasing along this duration. The Period comprises of the following three seasons:

  • ‘Winters (Shishir, Jan – March, beginning of ‘Adana’, clouds, winds and rains)’: It is good to stay confined, wind free and heated. Avoid, pungent, bitter, astringent, light (go for heavy food, strong digestive fire!), cold, and ‘Other Vata increasing eatables’. Almost same as Hemant Ritu, though the cold is more severe and the dryness is more.

Kapha is Accumulated, Aggravated.

  • ‘Spring (Vasant, March – May)’: The accumulated ‘Kapha’, as it interacts with strong Sun Rays, gets liquefied, deranges (diminishes) the body’s Digestive fire and causes diseases. One should go in for ‘Vamana Therapy (Emesis, or Induced Vomiting)’ and/or Nasal Therapies and ‘Heavy, Sweet, Sour Food’, and Sleeping During Day Time should be avoided. Go in for foods, which are easily Digestible, are Dry/Moisture Free and Fat Free Food. Should use Old Barley, Wheat, Honey, Meat of Animals who Dwell in Desert like Region/s, Fruit, Fruit Juice/S in the Morning Hours only, Honey Water.

Warm water is good, but then this is good in all reasons. I personally, go in for hot plain water even during summers. It is a good body-blood cleanser.

‘Kapha’ is Vitiated.

For God’s sake, as much as possible, go in for Seasonal Stuff, and completely discontinue this habit of eating frozen foods. 

  • During ‘Summers (Grishma, May – July)’: The Sun Rays dry the nature making it moisture deficient. ‘Kapha (Shleshma)’ reduces day by day and ‘Vata’ increases. Thus, go in for Sweet, Cold, Liquid and Fatty Food and drinks. Some good foods are:

Sweet Mattha (It is Unctuous), Ghee, Milk Products (Buffalo Milk cooled by Moonlight and Stars), Rice etc.

Should avoid, Pungent, Salty, and Sour taste, and also Heavy Physical Exercises. Excess indulgence is not advisable during Summers. Winters are made for that (as per the Scriptures!). Wine should be avoided, or if have to consume, should be taken in very small quantity, with water mixed to dilute it.

‘Kapha’ is pacified. ‘Vata’ is accumulated.

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Author: Manoj

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