The Body Tissues (Dhatus) and Governing Doshas (V, P, K)

There are seven body tissues, governed by the Three Doshas. The increase and decrease of Dhatus (The Body Tissues) have an effect on the body. These and the appropriate cures (which actually would depend, which Dosha is prominent in the Body and in the respective Dhatu), are very briefly written. The Body Tissues are:

  1. Plasma (Rasa) Governed by Kapha (Lymph, Chyle; Water component):
  • Aggravated: Anorexia, Distaste/Loss of Taste, Nausea, Heaviness, Cardiac Pain, Drowsiness, Obstruction in Channels;
  • Deficient: Restlessness, Palpitations, Body-Ache, Feeling of Darkness, Paleness,Impotency, Malaise, Leanness, Loss of Digestive Power, Untimely Wrinkles and Grey Hair;
  • Optimum: Good body lustre, healthy hair, Vitality/Agility;
  • Cures: Blood Cleansers, like Aloe Vera, Amalaki.
  1. Blood (Raqta) Governed by Pitta (Body Metabolism, The Fire Component):
  • Aggravated: Leprosy, Erysipelas, Boils; Redness on skin (Wrinkles, Facial Melanosis) Eyes & Urine; Menorrhagia (Heavy & Prolonged Menstrual period), Internal Haemorrhage, Psoriasis, Leukoderma, Urticarial Patches, Spleen Enlargement, Tumours, Jaundice;
  • Deficient: Low BP, Loss of Lustre, Shock, Loose & Dry Hair, Rough-Cracked Skin;
  • Optimum: Cheerfulness, Good Body Lustre;
  • Cures: Blood Letting, Purgation.
  1. Muscles (Mamsa) Governed by Kapha (Lymph, Chyle; Water component):
  • Aggravated: Adhimamsa (Inflammation of Gum Tissue), Arbuda (Tumour), Galasaluka (Tumour in the Throat), Galasundika (Swelling of Uvula – Back of Soft Palate), Miscarriage, Low libido, Upajihvika (Painful Stiffness in Pharynx);
  • Deficient: Putimamsa (Dead or Decayed Flesh), Emaciation (Mainly of Neck & Abdomen);
  • Optimum: Physically strong, Strong character, Courageous;
  • Cures: Surgery, Caustic Alkalis & Fire Cauterisation.
  1. Body Fat (Meda) Governed by Kapha (Lymph, Chyle; Water component):
  • Aggravated: Obesity, Prameha (Diabetes), Asthma, Low Libido, Hyper tension / High BP;
  • Deficient: Overly Weak (Lassitude), Cracking Joints, Spleen Enlargement,    Brittle Nails, Teeth & Bones;
  • Optimum: Well Lubricated Body Tissues, Hairs; Good Voice, Affectionate;
  • Cures: Cures for Obesity or Emaciation as appropriate.
  1. Bones (Asthi) Governed by Vata (The Nerve Force, The Air Component):
  • Aggravated: Adhyasthi (Hypertrophy of Bones – Increase in Bone Density), Adhidanta (Formation of Extra Teeth), Dantabheda (Cutting Pain in the Teeth, Associated with the Growth of Extra Teeth), Asthisula (Acute Pain in the Bones), Gigantism in Extreme Cases;
  • Deficient: Discolouration, Abnormality in Hairs of Head, Body Hairs, Nails, Beards-Moustaches, Falling of Teeth, Dwarfism;
  • Optimum: Prominent strong bones, Strong teeth, Hard-working;
  • Cures: Enema using Milk, Ghee & Bitters.
  1. Bone Marrow (Majja, Nerve Fluid)    Governed by Kapha (Lymph, Chyle; Water component):
  • Aggravated: Heaviness, Joints Pain, Deep Sores;
  • Deficient: Giddiness, Falling Nails, Teeth or Hairs, Low Libido, Fainting, Feeling of Darkness;
  • Optimum: Sharp Memory, Compassionate, Intelligent, Balanced Mind;
  • Cures: Herbs like Brahmi, Shilajit.
  1. Sperm/Ovum (Shukra) Governed by Kapha (Lymph, Chyle; Water component):
  • Aggravated: Excess Libido, Semen, Seminal Stones, Swollen Prostate Gland. Aggravated state Produces Kapha;
  • Deficient: Impotency and Non-Erection of Penis.  His Progeny will be Sick or Impotent or Short-Lived or Deformed, with more likelihood of Conception not taking place, or of Miscarriage or Abortion.  The Morbidly (Unhealthy Mental State or attitude) affected Semen Affects the Person along with his Wife and Progeny. Deficient State produces Vata;
  • Optimum: Well Developed Sexual Organs, Charming;
  • Cures: Garlic, Ashwagandha, Shatavari.
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