The Drinking Style

Drink Water only While Sitting Down

The Geometric centre (and/or, The Centre of Mass, The Centre of Gravity) of our body is at our Naval. While we stand, the centre of mass of the body shifts down, and drinking water while standing, puts excess pressure on our urinary bladder, our large intestine etc., which leads to stretching of these body parts, and thus, this habit causes ailments like appendicitis, hydrocele (scrotal swelling), prostrate, hernia etc.  The condition can get easily aggravated by drinking water at a fast pace – a habit many of us have. Thus, we should drink water while sitting. Now, 70 per cent of our body is fluids, comprising of blood plasma. Drinking slowly slowly and while sitting, sip by sip leads to good absorption of water and purification of blood.

Watch this Video on My You Tube Channel (This Video – Hindi+English): Drink Water only while Sitting and Never Standing

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