The Properties of Herbs

The Category, ‘Ayurvedic Herbs’, lists many herbs-spices (Ayurveda calls them ‘Aushadhies’), and The Properties of Herbs. I have given as much details as possible, with chemical composition, medicinal usage, and their during-post digestive effect. Reading Various Posts under Various Sub-Categories of “Ayurvedic Herbs”, I am sure would convince you to use more and more of ‘These Herbs-Spices’ in your kitchen preparations. Doing so, would also make sure, that you are never deficient in any of the important nutrients (i.e. Nutrients, as Advised by Modern Science). I mean it!

Under The Posts on Ayurvedic Spices-Herbs, you would know as to the effects of Herbs on The Body Doshas (Vata, Pitta and Kapha) (Weather Increasing or Decreasing).

The Primary/Secondary Tastes of the herbs are provided, along with Virya and Vipaka, where applicable.

‘Virya’ is the Potency, by which it acts on the body, during its stay in the body. The ‘Virya’ of an Herb could be Heating or Cooling.

‘Vipaka’ is The Post Digestive Effect, after its interaction with The Bio-Organic Chemicals, or Enzymes present in our Body.

The two topics are covered in detail elsewhere (Ayurveda For Layman) on this website.

When used Medicinally, The Herbs may be consumed as:

Mixed in Food Preparation, Infusion, Decoction, Powder (Churna), Tablets, Pastes and oils.

As regards to Ayurvedic Formulations, Please keep following in mind:

Do not take any Ayurvedic medicines continuously for more than 3 months, just precautionary advice, lest the body starts becoming dependent on a particular medicine/herb. Take a break for 20 days, again re-start, for the next 3 months, till the time you get better.

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