The Soft Drinks, Pizza and Burger

Please Completely stop consuming The Soft Drinks and Other Junk Foods like The Pizza and Burger
A. On instant basis to discard consumption of poisons like The Soft Drinks (Black Coloured) (Please understand I do not wish to land up in legal hassles by naming the companies).
B. Also, in the same breath, I must mention, to completely discard the consumption of fast foods like Pizza-Burger-or stuff made of finely crushed wheat flour (Maida, in Hindi, which is completely devoid of ‘The Natural Fibrous Content’.).
The Usual Soft Drinks have a very Low pH
Looks Tasty – But is Dangerous

A. The pH of normal body blood is 7.4, which is alkaline and that is how it should remain. The pH value of Concentrated Hydrochloric acid is app. 2.4, and if you check yourself, the pH value of these black coloured soft drinks, you would find them to be around 2.8-3.4. This is very acidic, and would even dissolve a human tooth. Anyhow, if we bury a human body, even after 4 years the teeth do not get dissolved.

Other unhealthy fact is that these drinks are highly sweet, with large amount of calories, sweet, and believe me the sugar used is not the natural sugar ‘Fructose’, which is easily digestible by the human body, and found only in the natural or naturally made stuff. The kind of lifestyle we have, we, in no way can digest such large quantities of calories, which sure would lead to formation of cholesterol, then High BP, decreased secretion of insulin from pancreas and eventually high blood sugar and finally Diabetes!!

Getting Curious! Read On! Our body is made up of billions of cells, which respire 24 hours a day, and during the process of respiration, we continuously consume oxygen and exhale Carbon Dioxide. Now ask yourself, which is the gas that is pressed up in these drinks, or try finding yourself, it is Carbon Dioxide. Do you really want to be feeding your body cells with carbon Dioxide, which they constantly work to exhale from the body. I was a staunch lover of “The Multi Coloured Soft Drinks”, but when I studied all this, I completely got scared even thinking about these drinks. It’s been more than a year now, and I have not even smelled them!

If anything, my cures have not come easy to me, or as a miracle, I have worked and sacrificed a lot to get to this medical state of mine! OM NAMAH SHIVAY!

B. The fast foods like burger-pizza etc. are made of finely crushed wheat flour (Maida, in Hindi) which has been fermented for days. Now, raw wheat flour, as used by Indian ancestors was very course, and full of roughage and there was no problem in elimination process of the body. But, this stuff is completely devoid of roughage, made by usage of various chemical/crushing processes, which leads to production of toxins in the body, and does not move easily out of the system, and rather, sticks around.

As Ayurveda says, Sweet taste is made of Earth + Water (Shall talk about composition of various tastes in the section on “Ayurveda for Layman”). The manufacturing process remove the water component of the food stuff, and secondly, such processing also completely removes the Pranic Life Force of the eatables, which is so necessary for the body (Just to put it, This whole Universe is made up of Panchtatva, Ether, Air, Fire, Water and earth).

Now, as this stuff does not move easily, hence it sticks itself to the layers of intestines. Doing so, the oxygen supply to the bottom layers of the intestines gets cut, and those cells begin to die. Our body cells then begin to grow and cover those dead cells – which I guess is the start of CANCER in the body.

This Is My Understanding, And I Am Fully Convinced Of This, And I Do Not Even Look At These Junk Foods (The Soft Drinks, Pizza and Burger). Understand, Unless You Fall Sick, How Will “They” Make Billions! So Please Go Ahead, Even If I Am Wrong, Adapt Natural Stuff, And There Are Many Healthy Ayurvedic Style Dishes Out There. A Section on Ayurvedic Recipes In Due Course of Time!

Let the fine wheat flour, which constitutes Pizzas and Burgers, go to hell. 

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  • Yes mam, i did see your querry on my F/B Page: No Pizza is because it is made of fine flour, and is made by processing, involving high heat, which completely removes the water component of the sweet taste, you see sweet taste is made of Earth + Water. Now when course wheat flour is made into fine flour, also the dietary fibres are completely removed, and as such the stuff sticks around on our intestinal walls and eventually can thus become the cause of even cancer….. ; Regards Manoj – Please do like my Face book Page – Subscribe my You Tube Channel, and keep sharing my posts…. God Bless

  • Sapna

    My 8-year- old daughter is suffering from ITP for the past 1-12 years and has been on steroids without any benefit.. Kindly help me to find a cure for my daughter

    • Firstly, Mam, I am very sorry for late reply – was out of town (due personal reasons). Secondly, Pls urgently read this post in detail, ; Thirdly pls understant, the idealistic lifestyle has to be followed for such difficult cases, and finally Panchgavya Ghrit or Pure Desi Cow Ghee – The A-2 Type, would play a big role in this situation – always at your and everybody’s else service, I have shared/written all that i have up my belt; and as the kid is too young, not sure if it would be possible to do any breathing exercise etc, anyway best of luck, feel free to send email/ or call, manoj arora (, or you may also stay in touch through f/b page or you tube channel (stayhealthytill70), Regards, Manoj