The Types of Diseases

The Types of Diseases from The Ayurvedic Point of View are:
  1. Diseases easily curable,
  2. Diseases curable with some difficulty,
  3. Ones that can be controlled, but not cured,
  4. Not curable. 
  • Now, I have said this elsewhere also, and shall say this again, most of the diseases curable (As high as 75%, if I may dare say so), if we just understand a bit about our body and about what we eat. Now, even if someone has indeed reached The Un-curable Stage, Pranayama and Meditation may still work wonders.
  • Also, Diseases can be Exogenous or Innate. Exogenous Diseases occur due nails/teeth biting, exorcism, curse, contact of evil spirits, accident/injury, piercing, twisting, compression, hanging, burns, wounds from weapons, thunder-storm, other infections etc. with organisms etc.
  • Innate Diseases originate from imbalance of one or more of the Doshas. 

Additionally, Psychic Diseases are caused due non-fulfilment of desires and facing of the undesired. Psychological diseases of the mind are Rajasic and Tamasic.

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