Trifaladi Ghrit, Ashtamangal Ghrit, Brahmi Ghrit, Arjun Ghrit, Jatyadi Ghrit & Gaumay Vata-Nashak Oil

Few of the Desi-Indian-Vedic Cow’s Products Derived Health Supplements:

  1. Trifaladi Ghrit:  It has a Pacifying Effect on Vata & Pitta, though it will also Not Aggravate Kapha.

Ingredients: ‘Trikatu’, ‘Trifula’, ‘Bhringaraj’, ‘Awla’, ‘Shatavari’, ‘Geloy’, ‘Goat’s Milk’, ‘Mishri’, ‘Munakka’, ‘Neel Kamal’, ‘Licourise, ‘Cow’s Ghee’, and some more…    

Medicinal Uses: Useful as Immunity Enhancer & Bodily Strength, Useful in various types of Eye Disorders (Be it Vitiation of Vata, Pitta or Kapha Dosha such as Night Blindness, Redness in the eyes, Weak eye-sight, Cataract…), Mental Strength, Digestive Power (Effective Even in Chronic Constipation), Various Pitta Vitiated Disorders (Such as Menorrhagia, Hair Fall, Liver-Kidney Health), Useful for Respiratory System, Circulatory System, Reproductory System…

Dosage:  5 – 10 grams, twice a day, Morning and Evening with Milk, or, with the First Bite of your Lunch and Dinner, or simply mixed with a glass of hot water.

  1. Ashtamangal Ghrit:

Ingredients: ‘Bach (Bach flower essence)’, ‘Brahmi’, ‘White Mustard’, ‘Anantmula’, ‘Sendha Salt’, ‘Pípal’, ‘Cow ghee’, and some more…     

Medicinal Uses: Memory Loss, Great Remedy for Mental and Physical Fitness of Kids, Insomnia, Tension.

Dosage:  ½ a tea-spoon with Natural Sugar Twice a Day; or, Just before your Lunch and Dinner.

  1. Brahmi Ghrit:

Ingredients: ‘Cow Ghee’, ‘Dry Ginger’, ‘Black Pepper’, ‘White Nisoat’, ‘Black Nisoat’, ‘Shankh Pushpi’, and many more…

Medicinal Uses:  Anxiety, Insanity, Leprosy, Confusion of Mind, Epilepsy, Mental Strength, Obstruction of Faeces (Constriction).

Dosage:   A tea-spoonful twice a day.

  1. Arjun Ghrit:

Ingredients: ‘Desi Cow Ghee’, ‘Arjuna Bark’, ‘Water’, and some more…

Medicinal Uses:  Very useful for Heart Ailments.

Dosage:   Add a teaspoon of Arjuna Ghrit to a glass of Hot Milk, Organic Sugar added. Please, do not heat or Boil The Ghee. (Obviously, If cow’s milk is not available, have a glass of Hot Toned/Double Toned Buffalo Milk).

  1. Jatyadi Ghrit:

Ingredients: ‘Jasmine Leaves’, ‘Neem Leaves’, ‘Turmeric’, ‘Daru Haldi’, ‘Kutki’, ‘Licourise’, ‘Karanja Leaves’, ‘Desi Cow Ghee’, and more…

Medicinal Uses:  Very useful in all types of Wounds and Burns (External Use Only).

Dosage:   As required.

  1. Gaumay Vata-Nashak Oil:

Ingredients: ‘Mustard Oil’, ‘Gaumutra’, ‘A type of turmeric’, ‘Garlic’, ‘Camphor’, ‘Extract of carom seeds’, ….

Simply, Mustard Oil, cooked with Clove and Garlic, for about ½ a minute, when applied on the painful area, is a very good Pain Reliever. After applying oil, Fomentation, or covering of Painful Part with Woolen Clothing etc. may be done, so that the area is made to sweat.

Medicinal Uses:  Very useful in all types ‘Vata related Body pains’, like Nerve pains, Muscular pains, Sprain, Swelling, Inflammation, Osteoarthritis…. (External Use Only).

Dosage  As required.

Legal Disclaimer: Suppose your medical condition does not get better with the above mentioned self-views on Organic Cow-It’s Products, please completely stop the consumption, just following the lifestyle precautions as mentioned on the Page on Modern Day Lifestyle. Consult a Doctor as Appropriate, They are Legally Certified to Provide you Treatment!

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