Understanding ‘Pitta-The Body Metabolism’

Pitta-The Body Metabolism
What we need to know about ‘Pitta-The Body Metabolism (Agni – The Body metabolism):

Pitta (Pittam, in Sanskrit) means Bile & Metabolism of Tissues, and also, The Body Heat, which is the result of the Metabolism of the Body. Circulation of Blood is connected with Pitta. A well balanced Pitta in the body will give a good digestive power, intellect, good vision, body lustre, clarity of mind etc. The aggravating tastes are sour, salt, pungent, and it also get aggravated by Stress, Worry, Fear etc.

In our body, ‘Pitta’ is prominent in the Umbilical Region (Nabhi), Stomach, Small Intestine, Sweat, Lymph vessels, Blood, Plasma, Liver, Spleen, Gall Bladder, Kidneys, Heart, pancreas, Eyes, Skin and Uterus.

The types of Pitta, as located in the body are:
  • Pachaka: Digestive Fire, Jatharagni which exists in Stomach, Small &Large Intestine. Food gets partially digested in stomach (chime), passes to small intestine via duodenum, where pancreatic juices and bile do their job; lymph & fatty matter (Chyle) is produced and eventually finds way to the Lymphatic Duct or Thoracic Duct. This Pitta nourishes the other four Pittas.
  • Ranjaka: Present in Stomach, Liver & Spleen. Synthesises Blood /(Raqta) and gives it the Red Colour,
  • Sadhaka: Resides in Heart & Cerebral of the Brain. Provides Mental Strength, Intelligence…,
  • Alochaka: Resides in Eyes (Metabolic Processes of the eyes), and governs vision, and
  • Bhrajaka: Resides in skin, as pigmentation.
Pitta Imbalance-Derangement Causes:

‘Pitta’ imbalance will cause scores of diseases like (just few examples) Inflammation, Hyper-Acidity, Fever, Over-Perspiration, Patches/Thickening of Skin, Haemorrhage, Herpes, Jaundice, Bad Breath, Excessive Thirst, Blood Discharge, Yellow Coloured Urine, eye, reduced production of semen etc.

Redness of the body should generally not be understood as Pitta aggravation, this is reaction of the body in response to Vata aggravation. Pitta would give colouration to the body, other than red!

Cures for ‘Pitta’ Disorders:

Consume more of Sweet, Bitter and Astringent Tastes (All these are cooling Tastes). Purgation, Massage (Mild), Bath and Intake of Pure Desi Cow Ghee is very effective. Try to stay away from worries, and live life leisurely (as much as possible).

If one has excess Pitta in the mouth, he/she tends to argue a lot. Simply try holding water in the mouth for as long as you can.

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