Understanding ‘Vata-The Nerve Force of Body’

Vata-The Nerve Force of Body’
What we need to know about ‘Vata-The Nerve Force of Body’ (The Air Component of the Body):

The air that we take in help us survive and provides us the Life Force Energy. It has the property of Vibration. It controls and correlates the functions of the body. It maintains the equilibrium between Pitta & Kapha. The Pitta & Kapha are inert. Also, the Malas and the Dhatus are inert, and would go wherever the Vayu takes them. ‘Vayu’ includes any and all kinds of Electro-Motor or Molecular Force. It’s classified to have five forms as per the function they perform, such as:

  • Prana Vayu: The breath we take in, and it moves in the Head, chest & Throat. It supports mind, heart, sense organs, intelligence, sneezing etc. & the swallowing of food (Involves Brain/Brain Stem). It is the force like that of Electricity. It sets a being into motion;
  • Vyana Vayu: Heart functions, the supply to the whole body, the moving of the body part, Assists in walking, moving the body parts up and down (Bones & Nerve Functions) (Causes Rasa Dhatu);
  • Udana Vayu: Supplies air to the brain region, Chest is the seat. It moves in the nose, umbilicus and throat; Responsible for Speech, Effort, Enthusiasm, Strength, Body Lustre, Mental Strength;
  • Samana Vayu: Functioning of the Intestinal Region, is located near the region of The Digestive Fire, holds the food in the Alimentary Canal, is a part of the digestion process, helps in Assimilation/Absorption of food, and finally the elimination process;
  • Apana Vayu: Goes down and away from the body, excreta from the body, including semen (The bladders, Urethra, Menstrual Cycle issues are related to the Apana Vayu).

 In our body, Vata is prominent in the Large intestine, Colon, Urinary Tract, Waist, Thighs, Ears, Legs, Bones (Our Bones are Porous), Brain, Kidneys, Urinary Bladder, Pancreas and Our Skin. People who completely stop intake of oil/ghee due cholesterol are doing it completely wrong. Oil/ghee are required by our body to keep ‘Vata’ in balance, just instead of refined oils we have to go in for Raw/Filtered Sesame (Black Til) oil or Raw/Filtered Mustard Oil; and Instead of Buffalo Ghee, go in for Desi Cow Ghee.

‘Vata’ imbalance will cause scores of diseases like (just few examples) Cracking In Soles, Pain/Stiffness in Foot (and other leg regions), Asthma, Spinal Pain/S, Stiffness/Cramps In Thighs, Prolapse of Rectum, Pain/Twitching in Reproductive Organs, Pain while Excretion of Faeces, Dwarfism, Cardiac Dysfunction (Heart Blockages is due Deposition of Kapha, Heart Ache is due Improper Functioning of Prana), Hoarseness of Voice, Pain in Jaw, Cracking of Lips, Dumbness, Stammering, Bad Breath, Dryness of Mouth, Ear-Ache, Deafness, Pain in Eyes, Vision Problems, Squint, Twisting of Eyebrows, Headache, Cracking of Scalp, Facial Paralysis, Paralysis in Other Parts of the Body, Fatigue, Tremors, Yawning, Hiccup, Confusion of Mind, Insomnia, and so on.

Cure for ‘Vata’ disorders is intake of Sweet (Preferable, not cold), Sour, Salty (Both these tastes are hot and have some moisture, which has a pacifying effect on Vata) and oily stuff. Nasya and Aroma therapy are also useful. Intake of pure, unprocessed and just filtered oil/s and external application of oil/massage are good. Pulses water, cooked in open utensils is also very good. ‘Enema’ with oily and non-oily stuff is best. Some more useful stuff would be fruit juices, sugarcane juice, butter milk etc.

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Author: Manoj

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