Causes, Symptoms & Non-Surgical Remedies to Uterus Prolapse–Displacement

Uterus Prolapse–Displacement- Prasransini-Yoni-Vyapad

Uterus Prolapse (Prasransini-Yoni-Vyapad) is the Downward Displacement of Vagina & Uterus. The Uterus is held in position by various Tissues, Ligaments & Pelvic Muscles in the area. Due lack of elasticity of these Uterus Prolapse or Downward Displacement of Uterus tends to occur (Towards the Vaginal Canal).

Causes for Uterus Prolapse (or POP-Pelvic Organ Prolapse) (Prasransini-Yoni-Vyapad) include ‘Chronic Distension-Gastritis’, ‘Chronic Constipation’, ‘Nutritional Deficiency, such as Vitamin-D is essential for good Pelvic Health-As per various studies’, ‘Hormonal Imbalances-Amongst three important Hormones for female Reproductive-Pelvic health-Estrogen, Progesterone & Testosterone‘, ‘Wearing Tight clothes always-even at Night’, ‘Uterus Tumours/Cancers’, ‘Poor Antenatal Care-Picking up Heavy Weight-Excess Physical Labour-Poor Nutrition…’, ‘Multiple Pregnancies-Vaginal Deliveries’. Finally, as per me, Rampant C-section (Caesarean Section) Crap is a very big reason for so many cases of Uterus Prolapse, which eventually culminates in Uterus Removal.

Point to Ponder: Mr. X is a Father, whose Wife is Pregnant; He has to be ready for any of the two possibilities…

Q1. In case of a Normal delivery in a Decent Hospital, what would be Expenses?

Q2. In the same Hospital, if C-Section is to be done, what would be expenses?!!!

Q3. Ask around…How many of the ladies who had to go for C-Section, eventually had Uterus Prolapse & Eventually had to go for Uterus Removal…

Symptoms would include ‘Sense of Fullness-Bloating’, ‘Lower backache’, ‘Excess Menstrual Bleeding & Vaginal Discharge (Milky Colour)’, ‘Frequent Urination – Bladder doesn’t get empty fully-Recurrent UTI’, ‘Inflammation-Burning sensation in Vaginal Region (Pathogenic infections)’…

Ayurvedically: Any POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse) signifies Mandagni, Vitiation of Samana Vayu & Aggressive Vitiation of Apana Vayu. Prasransini-Yoni-Vyapad (Uterus Prolapse) is a difficult ailment and involves Vitiation of all Three Doshas.

Before Remedies to Uterus Prolapse–Displacement, Please Follow Under-Mentioned Link for ‘Consolidated List of Lifestyle-Eating Habits’ to be ‘As Strictly Followed as Possible’:

Home-Natural Remedies to Uterus Prolapse–Displacement (Prasransini-Yoni-Vyapad):

  1. Afternoon Butter-Milk: Add ½ Tsp Black Cumin Seeds, ½ Tsp Black Seeds (Kalaunji) & 1 Wheat Grain sized Limestone (Chuna). Along with prevention of Uterus Prolapse–Displacement, this remedy also aids in birth of a healthy child, without any C-Section involved,
  2. Lajjalu or Mimosa Pudica Linnaeus Decoction to be taken twice a day,
  3. Paste of Lajjalu Root to be applied on the Prolapsed Region,
  4. Lodhra Bark Decoction (Balances Pitta-Kapha Doshas) Twice a Day,
  5. Lodhra ark Paste apply externally Twice a day,
  6. Daily morning have ‘Maithe Laddu (Indian Fenugreek Dish)’ with Gur (Jaggery),
  7. Put Carrot Pulp in a Soft Muslin Cloth; Push it up-along the vagina (as much as conveniently possible); Keep it this way for at least 15-20 minutes; Do this Twice a Day.

Unconventional Remedies to Uterus Prolapse–Displacement (Prasransini-Yoni-Vyapad):

  1. 2-3 Tsp (5-10 mL) Colloidal Silver (HVAC) + 2-3 Tsp Fresh Lemon Juice Thrice a Day,
  2. Spray Colloidal Silver (HVAC) (or Apply using Cotton Ball) to Vaginal Region Twice-Thrice a day,
  3. Baking Soda (Strong Alkalising Agent): 2-3 Pinch added to ½ a glass of hot-warm water + 2-3 Tsp Fresh Lemon (Only During Day Time) taken Twice a day (Drastically Reduce intake of Salty-Sour Stuff except Lemon) (You may also add few Tsp of ACV-Apple Cider Vinegar to it),
  4. A2-Desi-Vedic Cow Ghee:
  • Liberally use A2-Desi Ghee in Your Meals & Prepare food only using Black Sesame Oil (or Mustard Oil),
  • ½ Tsp A2-Desi Cow Ghee along with 1-3 Pinches of Coarse Black Pepper added to a hot glass of water once-twice a day,
  • 1-2 hours after Dinner (Before Sleep) Boil a Glass of Milk with 1-2 Pinch of Turmeric => Take it off Heat => Add 1 Tsp A2-Vedic-Desi Cow Ghee => Drink as the temperature becomes drinkable!
  • Gently Massage the Naval Area with 4-7 Drops of Desi Cow-A2 Ghee before going to Sleep,
  1. 1 Drop of Pure Food Grade H2O2 (4 % Conc.) dropped onto ‘Morning Fruits-papaya, Plums, Pomegranates, Apples, Peaches…’, and/or ‘Afternoon Butter-Milk’,
  2. 3-4 Tsp 100% Pure Organic (only) Wheat Grain Sprouts Twice a Day (1-2 Hours after Breakfast & Few Hours after Lunch) (Max. 6-8 Tsp/Day) (Do add Cucumber Liberally to cater to Hot Potency of Wheat Grain Sprouts),
  3. Pure Organic-0% Sugar added Honey (2 Tsp) + Finely Cut 1-2 cloves of fresh Garlic + 2 Tsp Fresh Lemon Juice Twice a Day.

All this accompanied by at least 30-45 minutes of Anulom Velom Morning & Evening. Contract-Release Pelvic-Vaginal area, while breathing normally, for 2-3 minutes, Twice-Thrice a Day. While contracting the genital region, keep it contracted for as long as you comfortably can (5-15 seconds). Please do not overstrain your body muscles.

Favourable:             Good Post Natal care, Good Diet-Nutrition, Avoid Heavy Lifting, Light Exercises-Walking,

Favourable Herbs:        Red Raspberry Leaf (Tea or Decoction), Nutmeg, Comfrey Leaves (Internal-External Use), ACV (+ Honey + Lemon Juice), Nyagrodha, Haridra, neem, Guduchi, Shatavari, Haritaki, Babool…

Unfavourable:               Fine Flour-Maida stuff, Potatoes, Heavy Cereals, Processed Foods-Oils-Salt-Other Eatables of any kind (Actually discard all junk foods), Hot-Spice-Pungent foods, refrigerated-Stale Foods, Excess Alcoholism-Smoking…

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Caution: Please follow the advice after due Professional Medical Consultation. You accept that you are following any advice given anywhere in this website, after due diligence and at your own responsibility.

Say Yuck! If you have to, but very effective:

  1. 5-15 mL Gaudhan Ark (Purified-Distilled Pure Desi-A2 Cow’s Urine) with appropriate amount of water to make it comfortable to drink, prior going to sleep and in the morning, empty stomach,
  2. Dip Half-Three-Fourth Tsp Fenugreek seeds in water overnight, and one hour after morning dose of Gaudhan Ark, have this and eat The Fenugreek seeds also.
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